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Optical Sapphire Crystals

Top quality Optical Sapphire Crystals grown by the Horizontal Directional Crystallization Method. The approximate dimensions: 305x170x up to 45 mm (121/64 X 645/64 x 125/32 inches); weight about 9-10 kilogram (about 19-22 pounds)
  • Extreme hardness & high mechanical strength (withstands extreme environmental conditions)
  • Excellent thermal conductivity/heat resistance
  • High transmittance (UV to IR)
  • Low dn/dT
  • High electrical resistance (1014 Ohm-cm)
  • High dielectric constant (9.39 from 1.0 MHz to 8.5 GHz)
Higher quality and very convenient material for cellular phones and different electronic gadgets displays production
The Price for UV stable Optical Sapphire Crystal is Very Competitive
The price for regular Optical Sapphire Crystal is Very Competitive

The total production volume is about 100 kilograms/months. Delivery time may vary from 2 to 8 weeks.

This Rough Sapphire sold in whole crystals only.

We may order the following products from this Sapphire on regular basis:
1. Spherical Lenses Plano Concave Lenses ; Plano Convex Lenses ; Biconcave Lenses ; Biconvex Lenses ; Meniscus Lenses

2. Prisms Right Angle Prisms ; Penta Prisms ; Roof Prisms

3. Cylindrical Lenses Positive Cylindrical Lenses ; Negative Cylindrical Lenses

4. Aspherical Lenses; Optical Windows (Square Windows , Round Windows); Mirrors (Square Mirrors , Round Mirrors ); IR Lenses

All these and other products by your requirements: Focus Tolerance; Length Tolerance; Surface Quality; Centration; Clear Aperture, etc.