Created Diamond Cut Stones

Blue & Yellow. Pink stones coming soon. Big inventory, hundreds stones available. Yellow – up to 1.8 Carats, Blue – up to 1.0 Carats. Please inquire about stock and prices.

The unique lime color, VS1 clarity created brilliant 1.89 Carats weight. SOLD OUT.

Our Synthetic Diamonds stock is very changeable. Please contact us for current crystals and cut stones stock information.

Cut stones made mostly in round standard brilliant cut (close to Tolkowsky Ideal), also square (quadrillion) princess cut.

A "split sphere" appatatus is used to grow synthetic diamond crystals at Novosibirsk (Russia).


Gems & Gemology, Winter 1993

The Gemological Properies of Russian Gem - Quality Synthetic Yellow Diamonds, By James E. Shigley, Emmanuel Fritsch, John I. Koivula, Nikolai V. Sobolev, Igor Y. Malinovsky and Yuri N. Pal'yanov

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